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Kollel Administration 

Rabbi Yaakov Tzvi Blejer - Rosh Kollel

Rabbi Yaakov Tzvi Blejer, originally of Silver Spring, MD is a student of HaRav Meir Stern of the Passaic Yeshiva. After learning in Passaic and attending Yeshiva in the Mir Yeshiva of Jerusalem, Rabbi Blejer settled in Lakewood, NJ where he became a Rosh Chabura in Beth Medrash Govoha. After spending over a decade in Lakewood, Rabbi Blejer moved together with his wife and four children to North Miami Beach. He is renowned for his brilliance in Torah knowledge, incisive Halachic P’sak, and his exemplary character.

Rabbi Aharon Dovid Singer - Rosh Kollel

Rabbi Aharon Dovid Singer, originally from Miami, learned in Yeshivas Chaim Berlin in Brooklyn, NY. When the Kollel first opened up, he was approached to be one of the founding members. Rabbi Singer quickly agreed, cherishing the opportunity to return home and help raise the level of Torah in South Florida.

Three years after the creation of the Kollel, Rabbi Singer was tapped to assume the position of Rosh Kollel. He has greatly expanded the sphere of influence of the Kollel and has developed satellite Shiurim in neighboring communities.

 Rabbi Ephraim Friedman - Dayan

Rabbi Ephraim Friedman is a world-renown posek whose arrival has energized and elevated the Torah community of South Florida. His expertise in all areas of halacha and his breadth of practical knowledge, coupled with his warm persona, have made him the prime address for anyone seeking psak halacha and true Torah guidance for life’s myriad challenges.

Rabbi Friedman, a long time talmid of Yeshiva Rabbeinu Yisroel Meir HaKohen (Chofetz Chaim), spent many years in the Chicago Community Kollel, eventually becoming a Rov in Bais Medrash Mekor Hachaim as well as a dayan for the Chicago Rabbinical Council .Rabbi Friedman moved with his rebbetzin to Florida this past Elul to become the Kollel's dayan and Rosh Kollel of the Safra Kollel in Aventura.

His shiurim on a wide array of halachic areas are very popular and enlightening, and his  incredible hasmodah and sincere avodas hatefillah have quickly made him a role model to everyone in the community. 

Rabbi Yerachmiel Parsons - Administrator & director of operations

 Rabbi Zelig Privalsky - Director

Rabbi Zelig Privalsky, Director of Community Development, is a Brooklyn native and close student of Rav Shmuel Berenbaum ZT"L. Rabbi Privalsky studied in the great Yeshivos of Mir, Ponevezh, and Brisk.

Rabbi and Mrs. Privalsky are from the original group that came to North Miami Beach from Lakewood, NJ.

For more than a decade, he has been delivering a popular daily Gemara Shiur to members of the NMB commnity. As a result of his engaging and outgoing personality, when the position of Director of Development opened up, the Roshei Kollel naturally turned to Rabbi Privalsky. Among many other accomplishments, he has successfully upgraded the night seder Chaburos, Thursday night Mishmar program, and established many new shiurim throughout the Kehillah.

Fri, June 14 2024 8 Sivan 5784