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Kollel Yungeleit

Kollel Zichron Michel of NMB consists of thirteen full time Rabbis and their families who study, teach, and live the Torah. Each one is a sterling example of a "Ben Torah," embodying noble character, dedication to learning Torah, and proliferating its values.

R' Arye Bensinger

R' Zvi Englander


R' Tzvi Fladen


R' Aryeh Gitlin

R' Dovi Jacobson

R' Yerachmiel Parsons

R' Moshe Dovid Price

R' Mayer Porter

R' Ary Roffe (Levy)


R' Malkiel Steiman

R' Shmuel Soroka

R' Tzvi Ullman

R' Dovid Waxman

Sat, July 2 2022 3 Tammuz 5782