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The Roshei Kollel

Rabbi Yaakov Tzvi Blejer

Rabbi Yaakov Tzvi Blejer, originally of Silver Spring, MD is a student of HaRav Meir Stern of the Passaic Yeshiva. After learning in Passaic and attending Yeshiva in the Mir Yeshiva of Jerusalem, Rabbi Blejer settled in Lakewood, NJ where he became a Rosh Chabura in Beth Medrash Govoha. After spending over a decade in Lakewood, Rabbi Blejer moved together with his wife and four children to North Miami Beach. He is renowned for his brilliance in Torah knowledge, incisive Halachic P’sak, and his exemplary character.

Rabbi Aharon Dovid Singer

Rabbi Aharon Dovid Singer, originally from Miami, learned in Yeshivas Chaim Berlin in Brooklyn, NY. When the Kollel opened up seven years ago, he was approached to be one of the founding members. Rabbi Singer quickly agreed, cherishing the opportunity to return home and help raise the level of Torah in South Florida. Three years after the creation of the Kollel, Rabbi Singer was tapped to assume the position of Rosh Kollel.He has greatly expanded the sphere of influence of the Kollel and has developed satellite Shiurim in neighboring communities.

Wed, June 3 2020 11 Sivan 5780